Hinamatsuri, Spring, and Rebirth



Hello March! And hello again to all of you after a long absence (we’ve been very busy providing the best escape game experience in Japan). Finally: the weather is starting to get warmer, the days are getting longer, and you can even catch a whiff of the fresh spring air (which is enough to offset the first uncomfortable stages of spring allergies…for now.) But one of our favorites things about March in Japan is Hinamatsuri (Japanese Doll Festival/Girl’s Day). That’s the day (March 3rd) where Japanese people showcase elaborately dressed dolls of the ancient Imperial court on tiered platforms. Originally, the dolls were said to absorb the owner’s impurities and bad luck, and were sent down the river in small boats as a symbol for spiritual rebirth in Spring. In fact, this tradition (called "nagashibina") continues in none other than…Asakusa (Sumida Park), down the road from our place, in late February.




And speaking of Spring Rebirths, we’ve been going through one ourselves. We are now called The Escape Game Nazobako (“nazobako” being the Japanese word for “mystery box”)! It’s all very exciting, and we are sure that it will allow us to creatively expand going forward. But don’t worry! There won’t be any changes to our staff, location, or games. If you loved one of our rooms, come back and play the rest!

Which brings us to our last point. Nazobako is great place to try your hand at an escape

game, whether you’re a fresh amateur or a seasoned veteran. And some of these veteran fans of ours like to come back and play for keeps. Congratulations Team インターナショナル for beating our hardest game, Runaway Bride, with a time of 34:57 and NO HINTS! If you like a challenge and have what it takes, stop on by and give the ranking board a run for its money. See you soon!

XOXO Nazobako