Top 3 2017 Illuminations spots in Tokyo

It's soon winter, and as days are shorter, Tokyo gets ready for the longer nights: from november, and until up to February, illuminations can be found all over the capital.
Here is our Top 3 of Tokyo's illuminations spots!


1. Ebisu Garden Place
From November 3 till Jan 8, visitors will be able to enjoy a beautiful view with Baccarat Eternal Lights: with almost 100,000 light, as well as one of the world's largest Baccarat chandelier (3 metres large and 5 metres tall!) AND a very nice Christmas Market, the illuminations at Ebisu Garden Place are our number 1 choice!

2. Midtown Tokyo
To celebrate 10 years of Midtown, 510,000 lights will illuminate the place from November 15 till December 25. On top of a Christmas Market, the grass square will feature 7 different displays, so visitors can enjoy a different view each day of the week! 

3. Tokyo Dome City Winter Lights Garden
From November 9 until February 18, Tokyo Dome will have some nice feature for couples: thanks to a cooperation with Windows' Kinect, couples who stand in front of the Galaxy Dome and the Milky Way and hold hands will get a surprise!

Where will you go this year?