VR is the new trend!

These days, a new kind of entertainment has attracted a lot of attention, with many locations popping up around Tokyo: it is none other than the futuristic VR, or Virtual Reality. Here's what you need to know, in three questions.

  • What's VR?
    Virtual Reality is a technology that, with the use of a special headset, places you in a virtual environment where you can experience creative and exciting adventures. It is sometimes combined with a physical space to enhance the immersive effect: on top of the visual effects, the whole experience can involve sounds and other physical sensations, such as wind blowing or vibrations.
  • Where to find it?
    There are so many different locations in Tokyo alone that you won't know where to start! Odaiba's Joypolis offers a VR attraction, and you will also find one at the 6th floor of Akihabara's SEGA building. More popular are the VR Park Tokyo located in Shibuya, with one session giving you access to the different games and simulator for a total of 90 minutes, or more recently, the VR Zone Shinjuku, where you can get a pass for 4 games, or pay at the entrance of each game.
  • How much is it?
    Prices vary according to the locations and of course, the quality of the technology involved, but they generally start at around ¥1,200 for 10 to 15 minutes of play time. Some places also offer a pass for 80 to 90 minutes (but be warned, this includes waiting time in between games), with prices starting at around ¥3,300.


Of course, despite it's creativity and attractiveness, Virtual Reality also has its downsides.

With its popularity, if the weekend is the only free time you have, you might end up in a very long line...sometimes queuing up for two to three times longer than the game time itself! Another downside that is worth mentioning is that VR can be bad for your eyes: the indispensable headseat's main feature is none other than a screen, placed a mere 5 to 10 centimeters from your eyes.
Last but not least, VR is mainly a solitary game and some would even say an isolating one. This could partly explain its popularity in Japan, a country where more and more young people choose to withdraw themselves from society. However, some VR games do offer to play by pair, or with up to four players.

So, here's a fourth question for you: why go VR when you can experience the real deal?

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