Rainy season activities!


You have planned a day out in Asakusa, but the rainy season and its unpredictable weather threaten to ruin your plans? Worry no more: Escape Hunt Tokyo will save the day!

Our escape games are an ideal way to spend 90 minutes during a rain shower, and here's why:

1. With our booking system, you are sure to enjoy our games without waiting in line, or under the rain! Book online for 10% off on all of our games, and have your game room ready at your arrival, with your Game Master waiting for you.

2. We have three different immersive and live inside games: complete your Zen training, become a Samurai and save the Shogun, or investigate the mysterious disappearance of our Bride... Tease your brain and solve mysteries, all the while staying warm and dry!

3. After an exciting game, debrief with your team and relax with delicious Japanese snacks and hot English tea.

4. Enjoy a photo session with our detective costumes and props, and leave with a timeless souvenir of your time with us!

You just spent an amazing 90 minutes at Escape Hunt Tokyo and, oh, a sunny spell! It's now time for you to enjoy the rest of your day in Asakusa :).