Looking forward to the Tokyo Marathon 2017!


For many runners in Japan, the Tokyo Marathon is THE event of the year.

Dating back to 1981, the Tokyo Marathon originally consisted of two separate events: the Tokyo International Marathon, which took place in even-numbered years, and the Tokyo - New York Friendship International Marathon, which took place on odd-numbered years.

In 2007, those two events were combined into one, to become the Tokyo Marathon as we know it today. Taking place at the end of February, it is one of the six World Marathon Majors (along with the Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City Marathons), and gathers thousands of participants each year from all around the world.

This year's Marathon will be different, however, as the organizers have decided to modify the course for a more symbolic and impressive finish line: instead of ending at Tokyo Big Sight as years past, the race will now finish at Tokyo Station's Gyoko-dori, with the participants running in front of the Imperial Palace for the last stretch. One thing that hasn't changed though, is that the course will still run through Tokyo's traditional Asakusa, and of course, we'll be there, waiting for you!

If you plan on going out in the streets to watch the Marathon live, you might be among the ones who will be at Asakusa's famous Kaminari-mon on this February 26th. And while you are waiting to cheer and support the runners during the race, why not visit us and share a unique experience with your partner, family, friends or colleagues?

Located within a 5-minute-walk from Kaminari-mon, our game rooms are full of well-thought-out puzzles that will tease your brain and test your detective skills: for an hour, get locked in a room with your team, and try to solve a mystery and escape before your time is up! Complete a last mission given by your Zen Master, save the Shogun from an imminent assassination, or discover what happened to our disappeared Bride...
After the experience, enjoy some light refreshments. Cross your own finish line before getting back to Kaminarimon in time to cheer for more runners!