Why are live escape games the best activities for team building?

Looking for a innovative, fun and live to bond with your colleagues? Allow us to introduce the escape game, in seven points that make it a perfect team building activity!




1. It gives your employees an opportunity to combine their skills

Let's be realistic here. How many people do you know possess as many different skills as the genius detective Sherlock Holmes? Most of us only have (one or) a few very specific skills.

In this kind of game, rather than relying on one person to do the job, the players have to combine their different skills in order to solve puzzles and escape the room.




2. It is for EVERYONE

As opposed to bowling or karaoke, an escape game doesn't require great dexterity or a good voice: a little bit of logic and an open mind are enough to do the trick. Thus, children, women and men of all age can enjoy it!




3. It Ends the competition

Why is escape game a good activity for team building? Because the players have to join forces to succeed. One group, with a common goal. There is no competition within the team: only from good collaboration will come the potential to succeed.

If one person doesn't feel capable of solving the puzzle, the group can reorganize their ideas and together, find the solution.




4. You must use your best judgement: asking makes one appear foolish, but not asking makes one foolish indeed

In escape games, the hardest part is the time limit. If you spend too much time on the first puzzle, you will not be able to escape. But if you hurry too much and don't keep your cool, you won't escape either. You could ask for hints from your game master, but sometimes you are too much into the game and do not want to ask for help.

In such cases, one person will try to calm everyone down, and paying attention to the time limit, make the decision to ask for a hint. Such person will naturally be recognised by their teammates as a good team leader.




5. Enter a different fictive world each time, and escape from your daily life.

Entering an escape room means entering a new world, sometimes even a different time. By solving the mysteries of this new world, you will get a feeling of achievement that will relief the stress of daily life.




6. It's the perfect place to show your many talents!

The escape game will reveal many talents. Outside of the workplace, you will see your colleagues under a different light. You might even discover similarities between yourself and your colleagues, that you didn't know of.




7. Active communication!

You escaped and think it's over? Wrong! Of course, solving the puzzles was interesting, but debriefing is just as much fun.

"How did you find this clue? This one puzzle was hard! Were you faster than us? What kind of approach did you use to solve the puzzle? What did you enjoy most?"

Talking to each other about the escape game, everyone learns more. The escape game is thus two fun activities in one game!



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