EHT receives the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017!


This morning, a nice surprise was waiting for us, the Escape Hunt Tokyo team, in our mailbox: an e-mail from TripAdvisor, informing us that we have been awarded the 2017 Certificate of Excellence!

What does this mean? Well, simply that we regularly received great reviews from our lovely detectives!

So, from the whole EHT team, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the couples, friends, families, school groups and escape games experts who visited us since we opened nearly two years ago, and left nice reviews for our games, facility and staff!

Boosted by this great news, we, the Escape Hunt Tokyo team, will continue to work hard to bring you great customer service, and the best escapes!


Rainy season activities!


You have planned a day out in Asakusa, but the rainy season and its unpredictable weather threaten to ruin your plans? Worry no more: Escape Hunt Tokyo will save the day!

Our escape games are an ideal way to spend 90 minutes during a rain shower, and here's why:

1. With our booking system, you are sure to enjoy our games without waiting in line, or under the rain! Book online for 10% off on all of our games, and have your game room ready at your arrival, with your Game Master waiting for you.

2. We have three different immersive and live inside games: complete your Zen training, become a Samurai and save the Shogun, or investigate the mysterious disappearance of our Bride... Tease your brain and solve mysteries, all the while staying warm and dry!

3. After an exciting game, debrief with your team and relax with delicious Japanese snacks and hot English tea.

4. Enjoy a photo session with our detective costumes and props, and leave with a timeless souvenir of your time with us!

You just spent an amazing 90 minutes at Escape Hunt Tokyo and, oh, a sunny spell! It's now time for you to enjoy the rest of your day in Asakusa :).


Special Father's Day Event!

On Father's Day, deepen your family bonds at Escape Hunt Tokyo!

This year's Father's Day falls on a Sunday: June 18th. If your father is often busy, either with work, or at home, taking care of the family, this particular day will be the occasion to say a big THANK YOU and spend some quality time with the great man.

From June 16th (Friday) to June 18th (Sunday), Escape Hunt Tokyo will hold a special father's day event: join us with your favorite father for the best gift on Father 's Day!
In addition to our usual puzzles, gold coins will be hidden in the game rooms during the event. You will get as many chances as coins found to win original Escape Hunt Tokyo goods!


On this very special day for all the fathers, why not deepen family bonds while having fun at Escape Hunt Tokyo?
We are all looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kids, Moms, Dads... A Golden Week plan for the whole family!

Golden Week is approaching fast. Did you already plan your holidays?

Allow us to share a memory from one of our team members...

"When I think of Golden Week, childhood memories come back to me.
As a child living in a rural area, I realise now that back then, if this holiday time was enjoyable for me, it was more of an ordeal for my father.

"In the middle of the night before the first day of Golden Week, my parents would put us kids in the car, still sleeping, and my father would drive us for hours to a theme park, my mother slowly falling asleep by his side, on the passenger seat.
We would arrive at the theme park's car lot by dawn, only to discover an already long line of cars coming from all regions of Japan. As soon as my father would find a parking spot for us, my siblings and I, overexcited, would start running around, while our exhausted father would queue up at the entrance of the park.

"Finally, at 8 o'clock, the park would open! As soon as we would go in, my father would start queueing up again to get us all special tickets that allow us to cut in lines for the most popular rollercoasters, while the rest of us would queue up for attractions that don't offer those tickets, and enjoy the first rides. After getting us the precious tickets, still exhausted by the long drive, my dad would go to reserve seats for us to watch one of the parades, and take a well deserved nap.

"After my siblings and I enjoyed a full day of riding rollercoasters, meeting with princes and princesses, and eating all kinds of sweets and sugary things, it would be time to go home. Our poor dad would drive us all back home and by the time we arrived, it would be past midnight.

"Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you, Dad.
Even though you were always very busy with work and only had a few days off, you would always spend them with us, making sure we had fun and good memories with you.
"Mom, too. It was hard for you to work part-time and take care of us when you got home, but you would still make plans to take us to nice theme parks on the weekend.

"Remembering all the trouble my parents went through to make us children happy, I came up with a suggestion for a Golden Week plan that the whole family will enjoy!"




Golden Week in Asakusa

Going all the way to a theme park can be very costly in both money and time: there are the transportation costs, the tickets to the park, and of course all the family will eat at the park's restaurants, which are delicious, but also expensive. Half of the day is spent on the road or queueing up, and the place is often very crowded. All in all, those trips are not always fun for parents.

But with beautiful sightseeing spots and lots of attractions, such as Escape Hunt Tokyo, Asakusa is a great place to spend a day with your family and create long-lasting memories.

Escape Hunt is the international leader in live escape games. Thanks to our online reservation system, you can save time and choose which game to play from home. No more queueing up: arrive 10 minutes before so we can prepare you for the game, and you start right at your reservation time!

Become a ZEN disciple, a Samurai or a detective investigating a disappearance, and join forces with your family to solve our mysteries or complete your mission! Being locked in a room for an hour will strengthen family ties, with all members participating and enjoying the game together.

After enjoying our games, have a walk around Asakusa and discover the old Tokyo, with its world-famous sightseeing spots. The city itself is like a theme park, with lots of Japanese treats and meals to try (matcha or black sesame ice cream, taiyaki croissants, melon pan, or for the most adventurous, eel and monkey delicacies!), and cute traditional shops selling the perfect souvenirs to bring back from your trip.

In the evening, if you still have energy after having so much fun, enjoy the night view from Tokyo's Sky Tree, a very nice way to conclude the day.

Escape Hunt Tokyo in Asakusa is a place where Moms and Dads can share an adventure together with their Kids. The whole family can make memories that will be remembered fondly for years to come!


This Saturday is Yabusame Festival!

This Saturday April 15th, a very special festival will take place in Asakusa: the Yabusame festival.


What is Yabusame?
A not very known Japanese martial art, even among the Japanese themselves, Yabusame is a type of mounted archery that dates back to the beginning of the Kamakura period (1192 - 1333). Considered by some as a ritual rather than a sport for its religious aspect, it is only taught in two schools in Japan as of today.

What is special about Yabusame?
If Yabusame is not a very famous Japanese martial art, it certainly figures among the most spectacular ones, for it is very complex and requires a range of impressive skills.

On a 255-metres track, Yabusame archers ride their horses at high speed, and have to shoot three arrows at three successive targets. This implies that they control their horse with only their knees, as their hands are holding the bow and arrow. The three targets are loaded with pink and white confettis beforehand so that when one of them is hit, it bursts in an explosion of what would easily be confused with cherry blossom petals. And if that wasn't enough, all the archers wear elaborate hunting costumes of the Kamakura period!

Where to see Yabusame?
If you are around Tokyo, there are three main location where Yabusame festivals take place, at different times of the year.

Meiji Jingu Shrine holds an event every year on Culture day, which falls on November 3rd in Japan, while the Toyama Park's event, in Takadanobaba, takes place on the second Monday of October.

But if you want to learn about and see more of the Japanese Culture, the best place to go is Sumida Park, whose Yabusame festival is every year on the third Saturday of April. After the festival, which lasts no more than a hour, you can cross the Azuma bridge back to Asakusa to have a glimpse of the ancient Tokyo: shop along Nakamise and admire the beautiful Kimono and Yukata worn by the visitors of the Sensoji temple.

And as we are only 5 minutes away from the temple, why not visiting us? Try one of our three Japanese-themed game rooms for an hour of adventure in total immersion, and take some time after your game to reflect on a day rich in history and culture, over some snacks and tea.

Easter, bunnies and eggs

You have probably noticed a lot of cute rabbits and eggs of all shapes and sizes popping up around Tokyo recently, and there is a very good reason for this: it's Easter!


If Easter is the most important Christian festival, it is also a holiday that marks the beginning of Spring and celebrates fertility in some cultures, and as such, it is celebrated in many different ways around the world. The date of Easter changes according to the first Sunday following the full moon occurring on or soonest after March 21. This year, Easter will be on April 16, 2017.

While the concept of Easter is new here, Japan is a country that loves to create festivals by adopting AND adapting celebrations from around the world. Over the last few years, the Easter season in Japan starts right after the cherry blossom season (beginning of April) and lasts until the rainy season (beginning of June). 

Around the end of March, a few confectioneries start selling seasonal products on the theme. At the Tokyo Disney Resort, for example, there is a special hunt each year where guests are invited to find characters and eggs hiding around the parks including a new character named Usatama (from usagi, rabbit and tamago, egg). But where do the rabbit and eggs really orginate from?

The Easter bunny was born in Germany, and was originally an Easter "hare". Similarly to Santa Claus, the Easter hare would decide whether children had been good or naughty, and reward the good ones with colourful eggs, candies, and sometimes even toys, on the night before Easter. Although the traditions vary across the world, the egg remains an important Easter symbol: while in some countries they are hard-boiled and dyed or painted, in some others, they are made of chocolate and wrapped in foil, before being hidden by parents in their houses and gardens for the children to find and enjoy.

This year, we are organising our first Easter Hunt inside our game rooms: from Monday April 10th until Sunday April 16th, enjoy our games, find the hidden bunnies, and get a surprise!

Book our games now!

Escape Hunt Tokyo wishes you all an Eggcellent and Eggciting Easter!

Player Trapped In Escape Room Overnight!



The staff of Escape Hunt Tokyo was shocked to discover a player who had been unable to get out and spent the night trapped inside of the escape room facility overnight.


33-year-old Dash Itsoo was visiting Japan from Holland when he and his friends decided to try an escape game adventure. While everyone else got out in time, Mr. Itsoo was mistakenly left behind and the game was reset with him trapped in the Samurai Espionage room.


"We always check the rooms at the end of the game to reset for the next player, but this time, it seems that the player followed one of the red herrings. He was looking for patterns in the wood grain behind one of the doors and got locked in," said Japanese game master Hideko Deguchi. "This is the kind of accident game masters are always worried about."


Security footage revealed that Mr. Itsoo made the most of his night in the room.


A representative of Escape Hunt Tokyo has confirmed that extra hint buttons are now in place to prevent this from happening in the future.